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Top Miter Saws


What Are the Various Features of Miter Saws That You Have to Consider?

Miter saw is said to be the best tool if you talk of precision crosscuts and accurate miters. It allows users to work faster and with great accuracy in executing compound miter cuts, bevel cuts and work on larger pieces of material. This being said, there is no contest in the performance of a miter saw.


With the high performance of the miter saw goes with it many applications because of its different sizes, benefits and features. In deciding  which is the best miter saw becomes difficult for some because of this complexities, and so there are some guidelines to help you choose.


First of all, your first consideration would be how you are going to use the tool. This means considering the frequency of your use of this tool, what do you need to cut, where you will work with the tool like shop or garage or job site. It is important to have a plan and a budget before considering seriously to purchase your miter saw.


Next is to consider the cutting capacity of the miter saw for your use. It is said that the most popular and most universal miter saw has a cutting capacity of 10 inch or 12 inch. There are other miter saws with larger and smaller capacity than this range, but generally, this cutting range or parameter is mostly used. The DEWALT DWX725B 12 inch sliding compound miter saw may offer the greatest cutting capacity but this is more expensive and a heavier tool.


If you are thinking of deciding which to choose between a compound and a sliding compound miter saw, there are a few considerations to think about.  To understand more about miter saw, check out


First,  compound miter saw DEWALT DW717 has a blade that moves in three general directions. The blade moves up and down in a chopping motion, then the blades move about 45 degrees to the left and right for its miter cuts, and then lastly, the blade will lean either left or right in performing bevel and double bevel cuts. This type of miter saw may be more portable and less costly but they have lesser capacity in working for wider boards, which means, you have to cut the wide board for more than a single pass.


Second, the sliding compound miter saw can perform all what the compound miter does plus more. It is designed with two-rail like tubes that makes the blade move back and forth in a wider range of movement. This increases the crosscutting capability by a few inches and allows you the user to through cut wider boards at one pass only. The tubes though would make the sliding compound miter much heavier, thus less portable and will cost you more money, plus you need more room to work efficiently.